The following is a list of system requirements in order to access and utilize the online training system:

Windows System Requirements

Mac System Requirements


Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Mac OSX 10.7.x and higher

IOS 9 and higher (On iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and greater)


1024 x 768 or greater

1024 x 768 or greater



2GB or greater

2GB or greater



Stable High-speed internet connection
(Cable internet with speeds greater than 2Mbps upload and download recommended)


Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Microsoft Edge

Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome


Wired Network Connection
Wireless Network Connection
(Wired is preferred due to latency and data loss)

Wired Network Connection
Wireless Network Connection
(Wired is preferred due to latency and data loss)

Wireless Network Connection over WiFi (Cellular Data Networks not supported)

Notes on Apple iPad

We support the use of Apple iPad using the native Safari browser. The iPad must be on iOS 9 or higher. While earlier versions of iOS may work, we always recommend being on the latest version of iOS. It is also worth noting, any tutorial that is still Flash-based will not work on the iPad. There is a message that is displayed stating the tutorial can only be completed on a PC when attempting to access these tutorials via the iPad.

Pop-up Blockers

All modern browsers have a pop-up blocker feature, and that feature is by default enabled. Please be sure to disable or enter exceptions into any browser based pop-up blocker you may have prior to initiation of your training. It is also possible a third-party pop-up blocker may be installed. These must be disabled or proper exceptions entered as well. If you are unable to disable, or need assistance please contact support and they will assist to the best of their ability.

NOTE: CTS only supports built in pop-up blockers. Support will try and assist as much as possible if unsupported blockers are in place. Support can be reached at 316-265-1585, ext. 302, or by email


Adobe Flash Player®

Most of the current subjects offered by CTS that contain tutorials do not depend on the third-party Flash player plugin. There are however, some subjects that have still rely on it. In the case of these Flash-based tutorial, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. It should also be noted that these tutorials are inaccessible via the iPad or Android tablets without the use of a specialized third-party browser called Puffin.

NOTE: You will need to uninstall your current version of Flash

For PC -

For Mac -

To install flash, click the following link, or copy and paste the address into your browser:

Suggested Browsers

Depending upon what Operating System you are using, CTS supports the following options as browsers:

  • Google Chrome (version 52.0.2743 and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 51.0 and above)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)
  • Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML Versions 14.14393 and above)
  • Safari (version 8.0 and above on Mac OSX 10.10 or higher, not supported on PC)

NOTE: While other browsers are available, these are the only browsers we currently support.