When attempting to access a tutorial, or navigate through a tutorial, you may encounter a loading screen that appears like the image below. When this happens, it means the page is attempting to load the video for the tutorial. If this is displayed for an extended period, the browser is failing to download and load the video file as intended.

This loading screen can be caused by a few different things. The most common is a momentary disruption in internet or local network service or stability. If the issue is caused by a service disruption on the ISP's end (Internet Service Provider) or by a disruption on the local network, CTS can only recommend running a Speed and Stability test to try and help diagnose the issue. 

The other common cause is that the browser is attempting to load a badly cached version of the tutorial file, or is failing to load the file from its cache. 

Steps to remedy the issue are:

  1. Refresh the page using the F5 key on your keyboard, or the Refresh Icon in your browser (It will appear as a circle with an arrow somewhere near the website address bar)
    ~If that does not work
  2. Use the Logout option on the left side of the screen, located under your name and then log back in
    ~If that does not work
  3. Close your browser entirely, reopen and attempt to access the tutorial

If those steps do not permanently remedy the issue or you see the same issue several times, we recommend clearing your browsers Cookies, Cache, and History. Steps for this can be found in the attached guide. If the issue persists further please contact support for assistance.