This error is generated when either the username or the password is formatted correctly, but does not match what is stored in the system. This generally is caused by:

  • Username is wrong, but formatted correctly (user@name format)
  • Password is spelled incorrectly
  • Use of wrong case letters in the password
  • Password is less than 6 characters
  • Capslock is enabled
  • If using copy and paste for password, an extra character such as a space may be present

To resolve this error, it is suggested that you attempt to login a second time making sure the case and spelling are right on both username and password. If the issue persists, you may use the Forgot Password option and have your credentials emailed to you.  If you are unable to retrieve your credentials that way, check with your training administrator to see if they can reset you password or verify the username you are using is the right one. You can also reach out to support for login issues that persist.