There are times that after viewing a tutorial, the tutorial may not show complete. This is usually caused by an error during the tutorial viewing process. See the following tips to ensure that the proper steps are being taken during tutorials to allow the system to process each tutorial as viewed correctly.

Ensure that any interactions are completed fully to get credit for viewing all pages:

  • Tutorials will only show complete so long as all slides have been fully watched. This means watching the tutorial slides until each one shows the next button as highlighted orange. If the button is pressed prior to being highlighted, the credit for watching the slide is not given.

  • Some tutorials will not show the next button as highlighted until an interaction has been executed. Tutorials that require an interaction will usually show a message somewhere one the slide indicating interaction is required. The message will normally be towards the bottom of the slide. 

Another common reason that a tutorial may not be completed is inadvertently skipping a sub-module. All sub-modules must be complete for a tutorial to show as completed. We always suggest verifying that the sub-module has a green dot to the left of it's name and if they all appear to show done, run a subject status report for the subject in question. To run this report:

  1. Click on the Reports button
  2. Click on the Training Status Report option
  3. Select the subject(s) you want to include in the report and verify Tutorials at least is checked to the right
  4. Click the Submit button and a report will be generated in a new window

NOTE: If popup blockers are enabled, they may block the report from being displayed, we recommend disabling all popup blockers before accessing the training site.

If none of these tips resolve the issue, please contact support for further assistance.