If you are a first time user of the system, the initial training may seem overwhelming. While we take every step to try and make the user experience as user friendly as possible, not everyone is provided steps to access the training system and complete subjects for the first time. The following steps are what must be done by default to allow a subject to be marked complete. Keep in mind that administrators may alter your setup and these steps may not all apply.

When you first log into the training, you are presented with all of the available training assigned to you. Upon opening a subject you are presented with three tabs: Tutorials (Where applicable), Lessons and Exams. By clicking on each tab, you will see all applicable sections that must be completed.


Each tutorial must be viewed entirely to be marked as complete. This means waiting for each slide of each tutorial to change the "Next" button from white to orange before clicking on it. If the next button is not orange and is pressed, the slide will not be credited with completion. Pay close attention for interactions being required when a tutorial stops playing but the next button does not change to orange. The only time that tutorials do not need to be completed, is if the user is configured to have tutorials as optional. In this instance tutorials are still available, but not mandatory. By default tutorials are mandatory.


Each lesson must be completed. All questions must be correctly answered on the first attempt to answer. If a question is not answered, then the lesson will not be marked as completed. Incorrectly answered questions will be posed a second time after completing all questions in the lesson for the first time. This allows users another chance to correctly answer the question(s). Users cannot skip lessons under any circumstance and still have the subject be marked as completed. Lessons cannot be marked as optional.


Each subject will have at least one exam that must be completed. These exams will only be marked complete once they have been completely taken and all incorrectly answered questions reviewed. This means that you must complete the exam, submit it for scoring, and then review any missed questions before closing. If the exam is closed prior to review, it will not be credited. Exams, like lessons, are always mandatory.